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8 Reasons you should choose Mickey Thompson

  1. America's Specialty 4WD Tyre Company
  2. Deeper Tread
  3. Stronger Sidewalls
  4. Sidewall Protection
  5. Leaders in 4X4 Tread Technology
  6. Ultimate Angle for Cutting and Self Cleaning
  7. Deep Sidebiters
  8. Specialty sizes

Mickey Thompson 4WD Tyres are:

  • Now available in Australia
  • 100% American made
  • Proven in Australia's toughest 4WD extreme events


Mickey Thompson - Baja Radical Claw 

Ultimate Steel-belted Radial Mud Tyre -20% Road & Sand, 80% Dirt & Mud

The Baja Radial Claw has 23° tread angles, the ultimate angle for cutting and self cleaning (used on plough blades and tractor tyres). This means you get maximum traction and the same level of road noise as a less aggressive tyre. Reinforced sidewalls are right where you need it, just below the tread.

Mickey Thompson - Baja Radical Claw

Mickey Thompson - Baja Radial ATZ 4-Rib

Special Kind of 4 Wheelers - 60% Road & Sand, 40% Dirt & Mud

The ATZ is Mickey Thompson's new all terrain radial. The ATZ is the latest 4 rib all terrain design from Mickey Thompson. This unique design delivers excellent off road traction in a wide variety of terrains, without compromising the on road ability of the tyre. The wider footprint incorporates larger tread lugs with the latest internal siping technology to give better handling in wet and greasy conditions Sidebiters give added traction and protection off road.

Mickey Thompson - Baja Radial ATZ 4-Rib

Mickey Thompson - Baja Radial ATZ 5-Rib

Weekend Off Roader - 80% Road & Sand , 20% Dirt & Mud

The ATZ has a 5 rib all terrain design which allows the tyre to perform equally well on and off the road. The solid centre rib enhances straight line stability (less tracking) reducing driver fatigue and reduces noise. The siped tread lugs and full tread depth gives excellent wet weather handling.

Mickey Thompson - Baja Radial ATZ 5-Rib

Mickey Thompson - FC II

The Outback Tourer - 60% Road & Sand, 40% Dirt & Mud

The F-C II has a full depth tread pattern for maximum grip. The massive shoulder lugs and stepped shoulders give maximum off road traction. Sharp shoulders bite through the top layer of dirt for high speed dirt road stability. This makes the F-C II the perfect dirt road touring tyre.

Mickey Thompson - FC II

Mickey Thompson - MTZ

Serious Off Road Tyre 40% Road & Sand, 60% Dirt & Mud

The Baja MTZ Radial is designed for maximum traction off road and on the blacktop. The new tread blocks are designed to minimise noise, making the MTZ one of the quietest traction tyres available.

Mickey Thompson - MTZ


Mickey Thompson - Specialty Competition Tyres


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